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Factoring is a set of financial services that includes not only financing, but also the administration of a portfolio of receivables transferred for servicing, as well as monitoring and controlling the receipt of payments from customers and analyzing the financial condition of counterparties. Factoring closes the cash gap, enables the supplier to manage the financial flows of the company, does not require collateral, has flexible maturities and a flexible limit policy, focused not only on the current financial condition of the supplier.

Our services

Factoring for business.

We provide a range of financial services for manufacturers and suppliers engaged in trading activities on a deferred payment basis.

The main activity of the company is lending to suppliers by repurchasing short-term receivables

Factoring Service

Factoring services include a detailed accounting of the receivables of the enterprise. Such accounting is necessary for the enterprise to form a reserve for the repayment of doubtful debts.

We arrange the work in such a way that our services fit seamlessly into your company’s daily trading activities and require a minimum of time and effort


Factoring Benefits

Factoring is beneficial not only to suppliers, but also to all three parties:

For the supplier

— Improving your financial performance;
— Replenishment of working capital and acceleration of their turnover;
— The ability to offer customers more flexible terms of payment for the goods;
— Competitive advantages over other suppliers;
— A simple process for obtaining financial resources;
— The minimum package of documents;
— No collateral and surety required

For buyer

— deferred payment, i.e. You can first receive the goods (work, service), and then make the payment;
— Attraction of new clients;
— Increase in turnover;
— Additional motivation and support for the work of key suppliers without additional risks and costs on the part of the buyer.

For a financial company (factor):

— Receiving a commission for the services provided.

Successful conduct and development of a business is impossible without additional funding. Factoring provides financial support for the current business and makes it possible to receive funds before the buyer pays for the delivery. Thanks to this service, the company quickly returns funds to circulation, while the percentage of production risks is reduced.

Why is it profitable

  1. Uninterrupted financing of trading activities, the possibility of increasing supplies;
  2. Expansion of product and product assortment, quick access to new markets;
  3. Attracting more customers by providing favorable conditions for deferred payment in factoring cooperation;
  4. Collection of customer debt, cash flow control;
  5. Effective receivables management;
    Cost reduction due to outsourcing of control over it, optimization of personnel functions, organizational systems and company structures;
  6. Non-payment risk insurance;
  7. The use of factoring in an enterprise is especially valuable for small and young firms that are in the stage of revenue growth, since it is possible to obtain borrowed funds without providing property collateral;
  8. Ease of obtaining and using credit funds. In the general case, the factor does not require the opening of accounts and the availability of turnover in a particular bank and does not control the purposes for which credit funds were spent;
  9. The elimination of complex operational tasks, a clear definition of priorities, a unique opportunity to concentrate on what is really important for your business.



Our business partners are located in the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Russia, Latvia, Estonia and Ukraine.
Thanks to stable established relations abroad, today we have the opportunity to expand the company’s activities and offer you favorable prices and conditions for financial services.

We do our best to make our cooperation comfortable and effective.

How we will cooperate with you:


You apply by contacting our managers. Provide the necessary information to make a decision.


We make a decision on cooperation: analyze the solvency of your debtors set limits within which we are ready to finance


A bilateral agreement is signed between you and our company


Your debtors sign notifications


You receive financing any day after the submission of documents confirming the delivery

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